Welcome to the Collezione C2 blog!

Greetings, C2 Citizen! Welcome to the Collezione C2 blog!

Collezione C2 is not just a brand that makes quality, stylish 100% Filipino piqué shirts. We’re all about a lot of things–sports, health, fitness, fashion, art, Filipino pride–things that make up the exciting life of the new modern Filipino who’s ready to take on the world.

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Here at the Collezione C2 blog, we’ll talk about that–new exciting updates about Collezione C2, our views on fashion, style, art, and culture, and of course, insider updates straight from the brilliant minds behind the brand, including our new Creative Director, designer JC Buendia.

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Follow us on Instagram, and Facebook to keep yourselves updated on our latest blog posts and exciting promos and offers. Until then, stay tuned for Creative Director JC Buendia’s first blog post in a few days–as he talks about his story with Collezione C2!

In the meantime, feel free to browse our latest styles for May, or reading more about us, or checking out our stores here in our new website!

See you here soon!


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