Cosmic Force

I wore my first Collezione shirt back in Grade 5. Yellow and white stripes with its famous key embroidery, I paired them with white pants for our school dance, it was the look of the moment, Shaun Cassidy was every girl’s crush.
2008, I found Collezione again, they had a big all white store in Market Market that sells polo shirts with the Philippine map print.


I usually go for logo-less shirts but this one I proudly wore, any patriotic Pinoy would. The map evolved into embroidery, from colors of the flag to silver. In 2010, its black and yellow version became the uniform of then presidential front runner Benigno Aquino, III.


For his Time magazine cover shoot, Kris Aquino commissioned me to make a pińa barong with the map woven on its chest. It was one of the proudest moments in my designing career.
Collezione found me again, this time as their new creative director. Perhaps, by some cosmic force, I was brought here not just to design, but to help in nation building. I hope to inspire patriotism, and more.


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