Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How can I purchase from the Collezione C2 Online Store?

    You may read through our How to Buy page for complete details on how to purchase Online – from adding items to your cart to completion of the purchase process.

  • 2. Are the products sold online new?

    Yes! Collezione C2 guarantees that all products featured and sold in the Online Store are new.

  • 3. How can I pay for the item(s) I purchased?

    Collezione C2 Online Store accepts the following methods of payment: a.Bank Deposit b.Cash on Delivery c. Credit Card Please note that, as of the moment, the Collezione C2 / Online Store does not accept credit cards issued by foreign banks. Only payments via credit cards issue by local banks will be honored. For a more detailed run through of our payment guidelines, see Payment Methods

  • 4. What is the currency of the prices listed on the Website and will the prices be inclusive of taxes?

    All prices posted are using the Philippine Peso (PHP) currency and are inclusive of tax.

  • 5. Can I pay using another currency?

    We welcome only Philippine Peso (PHP) for the mean time.

  • 6. I live outside the Philippines. Can I buy from the BENCH/ Online Store?

    We are temporarily delivering within the Philippine vicinity only. Purchases from customers outside the Philippines will only be allowed if the delivery destination is in the Philippine territory. Again, we are temporarily welcoming only the Philippine Peso currency.

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