Our Story



With the wealth of experience the company gathered since its launch in 1972, COLLEZIONE established itself as a durable, high quality, and well-styled T-shirt brand. In the mid-1980’s, COLLEZIONE expanded its product lines and introduced women’s wear, and towards the late 1980’s included children’s wear as well.

At the turn of the millennium in November of 2000, COLLEZIONE created COLLEZIONE C2–a new brand bearing the mission of offering stylish pieces for the younger generation.

COLLEZIONE C2 was born out of a vision to create a brand that caters to the new Filipino generation: a generation that loves both the modern and classics, and has a keen appreciation for products that are 100% Philippine-made. Coupled with its iconic map embroidery, and its stylized Philippine flag designs, COLLEZIONE truly is all about wearing your Filipino pride on your sleeves.

Over the years, COLLEZIONE C2 has succeeded in making nationalism hip and stylish, giving the market a great alternative to foreign brands with 100% Philippine-made shirts.

Today, COLLEZIONE C2 continues to champion and promote nationalism and Filipino pride by showcasing genuine Filipino artistry in our designs and celebrating what is best about the Philippines. By doing so, the brand has progressively secured its unique position in the Philippine fashion scene, clear with its vision in becoming a global brand for the global Filipino.