Finding Inspiration

Friends and clients often ask – where do you find inspiration? Like most designers, I get inspired by film, music, celebrities, or beautiful destinations. I have my Pinterest boards too, and a ziplock of chocolates to keep me alert. Sometimes, inspiration doesn’t come easy, you get an overload of images in your head and it […]

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Happy Birthdays, Sneak Peeks, and an Intimate Lunch

Last week, our new Creative Director JC Buendia celebrated his birthday with an intimate lunch with some of the industry’s amazing editors and writers to give a sneak peek of what his new collection will be. Set to be released on September, JC Buendia gave a little hint as to what his key imagery will […]

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Cosmic Force

Cosmic Force – JC’s Blog #1

I wore my first Collezione shirt back in Grade 5. Yellow and white stripes with its famous key embroidery, I paired them with white pants for our school dance–it was the look of the moment; Shaun Cassidy was every girl’s crush. 2008, I found Collezione again. They had a big all-white store in Market Market […]

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Welcome to the Collezione C2 blog!

Greetings, C2 Citizen! Welcome to the Collezione C2 blog! Collezione C2 is not just a brand that makes quality, stylish 100% Filipino piqué shirts. We’re all about a lot of things–sports, health, fitness, fashion, art, Filipino pride–things that make up the exciting life of the new modern Filipino who’s ready to take on the world. […]

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